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Local development laboraty

Among local teams, citizens and creators, we will suggest (...)

In our point of view, Art should be tried out and shared by the majority. We would like to share this experience all together. In daily life, the public lives and participates to our artistic experiences, and we love it ! We work on projects that bring a positive change. We organize exhibitions and events where the majority can contribute.

To promote debates and to enrich our encounters, we mix up our artistic visions to urban landscapes. The association of artists Art-Logic gets in touch with local authorities to share its creations with the public.

That way, local places are bound to combine their opinions with artists, photographers or plastic artists in order to explore landscape and urban invasion questions.

Des fleurs dans mon parking

Exhibition: Alternative mobility.

Out of events too ordinary or institutional communication too direct, few artists debate on alternative and common transports with a brand new view.
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Humanity on your Smartphone.

’Cities-Phones’ is a multimedia and photographic creation based on Qr-Code technologies for Smartphone & I-Phone. The artist calls out places, photographs of daily life scenes, and gathers (...)
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