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3 août 2015.

Biography Stéphane Stribick

As a designer and mediator for artistic practices on public (...)

As a designer and mediator for artistic practices on public spaces, he obtained thanks to a Master in ’Public spaces’ (Design, Architecture, Practice) a methodology to understand the urban environment and mediation tools. He also got a sensitive approach in order to associate inhabitants or users’ ordinary skills to designers specific ones in the case of encounters with the public.

His approach came true during a collective project : the Urban Gaming Sugoroku during the International Design Biennial in Saint-Etienne. In this project, he brought his mediation and creation skills, he developed pedagogical tools for the sensitization to urban landscapes and for the integration of modern art into urban projects.

As an urban designer, his aim is to make comprehensible to understand the territory through photographs, scene transcriptions and artistic productions : photographic fresco, writing on landscapes, Land Art, urban drawing...

  1. Alternative mobility ;
  2. St-Genest Le Rpt ;
  3. Land & Street Art
  4. Open-air exhibition ;

Concepteur/médiateur des pratiques artistiques dans l’espace public, il acquiert au cours d’un Master 2 "Espace public" (Design, Architectures, Pratiques), une méthodologie de compréhension de l’environnement urbain et des outils de médiation (...)
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