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Snow crystals

Take photographs of snow.

Take photograph of snow make your blood runs cold ? , Refresh colors, lines, structures is a crucial step for your photos covered in snow...
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Perdrix des neiges ou lagopède alpin.

Photographier les animaux, affût et approche.

Les techniques pour photographier les animaux sauvages.
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Bouquetins à l'abri de la neige.

Le bouquetin, empereur des montagnes. (chasse photo)

Une chasse photo à l’affût facile : Le bouquetin, seigneur des montagnes. 1 Message
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Champs multicouleurs

La photographie en parapente

Découvrir le parapente est une approche exceptionnelle de la montagne. Photographie en parapente du plus beau rêve de l’Homme... 3 Messages
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la Maladiere.

La photographie en falaise. Topo et technique.

Arts et manières de photographier dans les falaises, par un auteur de topos d’escalade : Gilles Brunot. Les secrets de la conception des topos et la retouche des photographies. 2 Messages
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Photographic debates and lectures.

Those debates/lectures/encounters are made for specialists and professionals photographers to improve their professionalism and to fight for this profession.
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Papiers, châssis, passe-partouts, et encadrements...

Comparatif entre formats photos, formats papiers, châssis toilés, passe-partouts, et encadrements sandards.
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Subsidies for artist-authors to pay social contributions.

Payment subsidies to pay social contributions in favor of artists authors with financial difficulties has been implemented.
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Artists and social networks.

Social networks and commercial websites is the same entity. Costs impose a return on investments that is in fact advertising posters or subscription sales to the public or companies.
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Right-free picture banks

The reliability of some online picture banks is by and by crumbling. The questions that worry agencies make sense.
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