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7 juin 2012.

The short story of the group. Who are we ?

The short story of this unusual ’Home, Sweet Home’ is due to a (...)

Since 2003 !

The short story of this unusual ’Home, Sweet Home’ is due to a handful of artists.

Created in 2003, the group is formed of photographers and artists from different background. The concept that created and reinforced the group was our will to exchange and share our knowledge. Our free minds combined together into our common passion for arts. Our complementary strengths support one another to create new collective and personal projects.

Between modern practices and non-professional approaches, the group defines itself as a source of confirmed creators or future ones who gather together to share their wiews, to exchange their inspirations and to create new horizons. As a group, the photographers change :
 from web platform 2.0 to convivial photo cafés ;
 from photo course to photo path ;
 from individual to group work ;
 from project to exhibition.

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