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29 juin 2012.

Take photographs of snow.

Take photograph of snow make your blood runs cold ? , Refresh (...)

Homogene or not structured snow is difficult to photograph. White or reflecting the sky, snow does not have contrast. The search for volumes, curves, grains, shadows is recommended to take snowed photos.

Snow white ?

On this first photo, the shadow in the diagonal guarantees some composition to the monotony of frost crystals. The shadow develops the contrast on white crystals : with a low light, the white of crystals distinguishes itself from the blue-tinted shadow.

Snow volume.

Some volume of snow on a tree... The mildness of the curves doesn’t allow you to highlight too much the contrast made on the back light in the background.

Snow sculpture

This small relief with a lot of texture given by the frost on the surface, strongly contrasted by a strong light is an occasion to reveal some lines and a nice grain. The process for the eye is affected by the descending diagonal.

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