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29 juin 2012.

Night picture, and blue hour

Discover photography at blue hours when before the dawn, most of (...)

Four in the morning, blue hour.

This is at 4 a.m. that photographers of the blue hour sacrifice their sleep. Before the dawn, most of us sleep but some photoshots reveal unusual colors. Made of bleu and stars, the night plays with the dawn a little more, Exposure speed are longer.

Five in the morning, the dawn.

The blue hour is gone to other places, dawn is coming. Golden skies are here and hey they are stunningly beautiful. Between yellow clouds, mountains crest covered of fire and the golden sky, the lens looses itself.

Six in the morning, the wake up .

The environment and mountain people wake up. The sun stands high and reveals too strongly the fine atmospheric layers so common in Summer. We will stop there our comment on photography.

For the photos, I used a table from the shelter to place the tripod, period of poses more or less longer and different aperture of the diaphragm. Add to this a bit of will to get you out of the warm and cosy sleeping bag. Outside, at blue hour, it is cold, isn’t it ? ^^

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