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The artists from the collective share various techniques. For (...)

The artists from the collective share various techniques. For beginners, to easily embark on techniques used in photography. For specialists in order to get professional.

Imprimer ses photos. Préparation pour le grand format.

Bien préparer ses photographies pour une impression grand format demande de comprendre quelques techniques. Cet article vous aidera à mettre le pied à l’étriller.
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La photographie argentique grand format au 21ème siècle.

A l’heure du numérique bon marché, performant et facile d’accès, la photographie argentique a-t’elle encore sa place? Les photographes continuant à la défendre font-ils fausse (...)
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Chamois. (photo hunt)

Chamois in photography, tips and tricks. Identification, approach, their life.
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Equipment for non-digital large format photography

Equipment for view camera, processing and printing.
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Photograph an artwork

How to photograph a painting or a sculpture? Techniques to improve your photoshots. How to choose your equipment and lighting? How to adjust colors, contrasts and the white balance (...)
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Photographing a work of art

How to photograph a picture or a sculpture. Techniques to improve your shots. Choosing the best equipment and lighting. Adjusting colours, contrast and white (...)
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Wide depth of field

Depth of the field, focusing.

Understand the depth of field and setting a good focusing on pictures...
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Speed and diaphragm

Understand the notions of shutter speed and diaphragm easily. An easy photo course.
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Polarizer, UV filter and mist.

The mist covers your pictures of a white veil ? Three techniques exist to get rid of it...
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Snow crystals

Take photographs of snow.

Take photograph of snow make your blood runs cold ? , Refresh colors, lines, structures is a crucial step for your photos covered in snow...
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