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Photo courses

For beginners, to easily embark on techniques used in (...)

Our association wants to pass on photographic and artistic knowledges that will make you more effective in your activities and more professional if photography is your trade.

Our trainings are given by recognized professionals who work in both trainings and in photography. Our methods change and depend on the trainees’ requirements and requests.

Feeling concerned about what you will do later on with a camera, we will guide your photographic and artistic progress : reading portfolios, photographic encounters, collective workshops.

Photo trainings in Annecy

Discover how to improve the quality of your photos thanks to important parameters such as the exposition, the depth of field and colors. Via our trainings, photography will become for you a (...)
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Photo training : The model and you.

This training and confrontation with the model has been created to improve your photoshots on models. Sharing toughts, knowledges and our experiences makes also part of this (...)
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Photographic debates and lectures.

Those debates/lectures/encounters are made for specialists and professionals photographers to improve their professionalism and to fight for this profession.
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