18 juin 2012.

Stalls, panels and photographic exhibitions.

Photographic collections presented on stalls or panels are (...)

Photographic collections are available for your inside or outside events. Choose your support according to the place and type of events.

Photographies on tight tarpaulins :

Photographs are printed on tarpaulins. Two rigid rulers located above and below the photograph guarantee a discreet hanging to the walls, cables or bars and the horizontal position of the artwork.

Besides the modern material, a white border around the photograph gives an aesthetic and modern style.

The name of the artwork is on this white border. It is also possible to print on both sides for an exhibition hung to cables.

These photographs can be rolled up easily in tubes so that their transport will be easier too.

HD Photographs on DVD :

Photographs are made for high definition on flat-faced screen and projectors. They are on endless display and are visible during 10 seconds each. The movie is written on different formats so that it could be read by DVD players, televisions, flat-faced screens and computers.

Photographs on display shelfs or stalls :

Photographs are printed on large self-carried panels that size more or less 2m-high. This system is easier as you don’t need any hanging system to fix your artworks. These panels stand on the ground and can easily delimit your stall. When dismantled, they are not bulky and are easy to transport to your vehicule. Presentation or information texts can be added to your photograph. The graphic composition of the photographs and texts is guaranteed by the artist’s care.

Photographs on laminated wood panels :

The photography is fixed on a 3mm base and is protected from dirt and wear and tear thanks to an anti-UV film. Different formats are available : 30x45, 40x60, or 50x75. An anti-reflections film gives a direct light on the picture.

The panel borders are beveled and teinted or framed. As no glass is used, there are no reclections and no risk of injuries. Booklets with some descriptions can be fixed under the photographies. The integrated anchorage of the photography is discreet and the element is well-hung to the wall.

Several themes are available .

For all events or photographic exhibitions, contact the artists. They will create together the exhibition according to the theme you chose.

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