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Stéphan Lamielle

Photographe plasticien, Galeriste.

Stéphan Lamielle combines new forms of artistic creations. His researches and artworks are based on new links between mankind, urban and natural landscapes. His artistical experience has been freed by and by from the limits between different disciplines. He explores multiple ways of expression. (Photographic and cinematic pictures, sculptural setting up, technologic encounters with the public). Stéphan is also Manager and Director of Photography for Audacieuse-Galerie.ch

Exhibition: Carry the Wind.

The exhibition made of monumental photographes scoffes at the Humanity which is supposed to solve its environmental problems via technology.
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Les dunes.

Exhibition : Made of man and ocean : Ireland

The relationship between mankind and the ocean fascinates. The call of the sea, the activities on the beach, the essencial nutritive fisherman...Thanks to this exhibition, you will travel through (...)
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Exibition: The Mountain whisperer

De fortes affinités pour l’art traditionnel et le land-art, passionné par la Nature, il fait corps avec elle. Pour Stéphan, ces longs cheminements sont autant de parcours initiatiques et de quêtes (...)
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Exhibition: At other medieval times.

The artist suggests an initiatory trip made of tales and legends at the dawn of eternity, during those moments that wrote our history. A retrospective collection of our ancestors’ history. Beyond (...)
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Au loin l'orage.

Exhibition: Waters from Savoies

Water from Mother Nature comes to us as storms and feeds us. From lake to mysterious wide-watered areas, from the source to the Rhône, those photographs remind us of this basic and vital element (...)
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Quatre têtes.

Exhibition : Ashen mildness

Delivered from poor stereotypes, he undertakes a narration with the atmosphere coming from the landscapes. The grey from ’Ashen mildness’ lasts between raw rocks and peeled trees. Other discreet (...)
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In progress: Portraits of our villages.

A collection of notes and testimonies accompagnied with photographs. A work made instantly that can be discovered as the photographs are collected.
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Stéphan Lamielle, photographer with plastic art influence and author of multimedia artworks, has always created.
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Contact Stéphan Lamielle

A permanent exhibition at the creator-photographer’s studio is open to the public by appointment. Thanks to this private invitation, you will discover the intimicy of picture rails and secrets (...)
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