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26 juin 2012.

Photographers looking for models.

Whatever looks like your body, you can pose for series of (...)

Photographers from the collective are looking for models that would like to pose for photoshoots in Haute-Savoie.

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Photographers from the collective are experienced, professionals or not, under different status : photographic craftsman, employed photographer or author photographer. The commitment that you could have with one of them won’t be necessarily the same.

Photographers are looking for voluntary models for exhibitions of author or personal work. (NDLR : I cannot broadcast or promote commercial offers of transaction between a photographer and a model. CF : articles L763-1 to L763-12 from the Work Code.)

Frequent questions :

 Do I need to have a specific body to be photographed ?

Nowadays, the press, mode, TV, photographers are looking for all types of body. Women, men, teens, kids, every portraits, appearances, sizes and looks are photographed. If your body is special, (twisted look, well-trained, from a rare ethny, tatooed body...) you have the same chance to be photographed by us than ’nice athletic bodies’.

 Would I have to pose nude ?

No. Though the idea of a model posing completely nude is relatively spreaded, it is not the approach chosen by most photographers. You will have to talk with the photographer about the kind of pictures you’ll do : portrait, mode, artistic, abstract, show pictures.

 Can I do it just for fun or only to begin a model carrer ?

Nobody will promise you a model carrier immediately. Photographers from the collective will take great pictures. Photographers will steer you on how to present your book or photographs whether you want to comb model agencies or just to obtain photographs of you for your decoration.

 Do I need to have make up, to be well-dressed and well-combed ?

Photographers use special make-up that will match with the lights used (flash). For the same reasons, don’t use hair spray, hair gel or other substances that could quickly shine under lights. The photographer will provide you all those products if necessary. Photographers working on portrait prefer clean skins as lenses are sharp. For clothes and accesories that you want to wear, ask to the photographer. Her/His experience in photography will help you to take the right decision.

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