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22 juin 2012.

Photo training : The model and you.

This training and confrontation with the model has been created (...)

Goals of this training

This training and confrontation with the model has been created to improve your photoshots on models. Sharing toughts, knowledges and our experiences makes also part of this course.

Meet yourself before meeting a model.

Before photoshots with a model, you should think about your own relationship to photography and even before your personal sensitivity and where your inspiration comes from.

The training is there to analyse the encounter and the photographic approach to the model by showing what both of them have inside.

Being confident.

The training will make you more confident in your approach so that you will overstep the limits of this trade in order to practice fearlessly photography and to understand the legitimacy of a report, or privale portrait.

The reflection also permits to understand clichés on a certain unhealthy curiosity :

  1. Define the personal and private environments of the model.
  2. Understanding the intimate distances.
  3. Testing and thinking about the rights between the model, the photographer, acting and the multiple aspects of everybody’s imaginary.
  4. Understanding that, during this training, other limits, new imaginary photographic spaces and new fears from photoshooting will appear.

Acting :

This training will consist in the implementation of photographic situations and (why not ?) models. The training will encourage the participants to improve their ideas, to select their photographs, to compare the multiple interpretations of each of them.

Who ? Where ? When ? How ?

The course is only given to members of the association and is organized on demand. Two or three workshops and portfolio readings (of 2 or 3 hours) are realized most of the time in the evening. Follow the diary for more informations on the dates of the trainings.

Those courses are given in French

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