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Test: what sort of photographer are you?

Famous photographer, confirmed amateur, expert (but not too expert), undecided pro, out of sorts photographer, or a “maybe one day” photographer: this article is for (...)
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Promoting an artist standing out.

Nowadays, pictures are flourishing but the means dedicated to the promotion get the upper hand on creation. As a consequence, multiple distributionS are necessary to promote the artist’s (...)
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Secondary incomes for artists-authors.

An interpretation of a legal text brings out more details and some changes on secondary incomes of the artists-authors.
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Artists and social networks.

Social networks and commercial websites is the same entity. Costs impose a return on investments that is in fact advertising posters or subscription sales to the public or (...)
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ARR. All Rights Reserved or All Rights Removed?

Nowadays some publishings use the label ’All Rights Reserved’ excessively, without due authorization and knowing their mistake.
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Subsidies for artist-authors to pay social contributions.

Payment subsidies to pay social contributions in favor of artists authors with financial difficulties has been implemented.
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Fiscal policies CFE / CVAE

Fiscal policies for companies. Fiscal deductions for buying art. Fiscal deductions for numbered artworks. Professional tax exemption.
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Right-free picture banks

The reliability of some online picture banks is by and by crumbling. The questions that worry agencies make sense.
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How to sell your photographs?

Sell to an online bank image: Your picture is wonderful and we promise you to be selected by an online bank image? Fantastic ! But be careful : do not obtain dollars or credits that you will not (...)
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Creation, inspiration and imagination

Inspiration at the origin of creation. What should be considered as creation? What can we create when we lack of inspiration?
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