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28 juin 2012.

Creation, inspiration and imagination

Inspiration at the origin of creation. What should be considered (...)

The artistic doubt. A white canvas isn’t a fear, it is a thought. What should be considered as creation ? What can we create ? Am I going to add this feeling or this subject ? Those questions can haunt you for hours, working hours when in front of you, this thought finds many inspirations destined to be tammed. Hours spent until, finally, inspiration and creation follow naturally.

 Inspiration and environment ;
 Dreams at the origin of creation ;
 Reject rules ;
 Synthesize, take notes, draw.

Inspiration and environment.

We are invaded by an over-consumption of promotional information, photographs and pictures surround us. Even if we are indifferent towards most of them, some affect us more. This environment affects us inconsciously. To ignore this environment is only fooling ourselves. This environment affects our creation ? So use it !

Studying the way we are attracted or not by a picture leads to manyfold answers. Why this picture makes me create ? Why another one doesn’t ? Working on your inspiration and on your own environment can perfectly suit for a first simple creation. Distortions or modifications of a media can animate first ideas.

Dreams at the origin of creation.

The significance we can give to dreams, to the unconscious or to primary process are not pulled aside. Creation can rely on a strong imaginary world and the freest dreams. If the dreamer is capable to materialize her/his dreams, one of the most fertile creation could follow. You need to understand and to find a way to explore the meaning of your dreams. An innocent and discreet element can become sometimes an unlimited source of imagination.

Reject rules.

Techniques of brainstorming, lateral thinking, process of discovery, of exchange or of opposition of ideas can help a little. However, a process too organized will leads to ideas...too organized too ! Don’t direct everytime your researches on a theoric process of thought. Reject every rules that limits your approaches. To go beyond conformism, a creative spirit will develop itself without well-drawn methodes. Test, provock iniciatives, have fun, push back limits, follow your intuition, free your thoughts.

Synthesize, take notes.

Your brain is capable to generate about 60,000 thoughts per day. Synthesize your ideas, structure them on a notebook. Nothing’s easier than having an idea, then another and another one again ! It is sometimes more difficult to remember our development of thoughts. A solution is to note or to draw our developments so it will be possible to go over them again, to correct them and to distant yourself from them to create again and again. Analysing the developments of our inspiration, from the most simple to the most complex, is structuring your researches in a synthesis.

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