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21 juin 2012.

Artists and social networks.

Social networks and commercial websites is the same entity. (...)

Social networks and commercial websites make part of the same entity. Costs impose a return on investments that is in fact advertising posters or subscription sales to the public or companies.

Don’t inform everybody .

The public life of an artist has to be shown. What about her/his private life ? Some of us prefer to show a debauched or profligate image, should we do the same ? Celebrities’ life is most of the time imaginary, short-lived and looks miserable. The goal is to attract the attention just for a moment. However, it is preferable to publish press releases and real informations about your artworks.

Oups. You broadcast false informations !

You used funny tools from networks to unwind. The new norm or ’trend’ is to be present on social networks. Your friends invite you. Slowly, your name and profile are more and more seen, you have more and more friends and you display more and more informations. Discreetly the system is going out-of-control, your profil is multiplied : the information is displayed in search engines. Your profile ’deserves’ more postings and so your private life becomes available online.

Your private life on the web.

A simple research of your first names and names will be successful. Your digital footprint will be shown maybe a bit, a little, more... Showing names with photos of late nights, militant actions... Things that can be against you later or if you look for a job or clients.

The media deontology has to respect the right to be forgotten. Even if websites and serious online newspapers act quickly enough to remove a name, search engines cannot update information that easily. The right to information and the neutral researches are against the right to be forgotten.

Publishing a press release in your profile.

The text should be changeable but made not to be modified everytime. It would be displayed elsewhere, copied, saved by other websites. That is why your work should be consistent and made of quality. Avoid the trend effects and the ’buzzes’, otherwise you will soon be considered as ’has-been’.

Authors’ rights.

By supplying, publishing or showing content, you give free and irrevocable rights to copy and present publicly this same content that you supplied, published or shew on our services.

These are most of the time the conditions to use such services. Did you display photographs, artworks ? Did you create your own album ? You need to show your work, fair enough. But do you accept to give to other companies the permanent and irrevocable right to sell your work ?
Any solution ? Broadcast your pictures in small format, so that they could not use them. Give your advertisement...and keep originals at home.

Photographe reporter professionnel à la retraite. Mais pas encore en retrait.

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