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12 June 2012.

Broadcast your event, your press release.

A visual art event to share in Haute-Savoie? Suggest this (...)

Invite the members of the association.

Members of our collective often participate to visual art events in Haute Savoie and around Geneva. In our diary, we suggest your events and promote them to our members and to the public generally. A participation form will be suggested under the event in order to ease the organisation of our visit. You can contact us to know the number of participants from the collective..

Advices to write a press release.

The attention given to the writing of a press release is important as it measures the quality of the event. So, the artistic approach, the artists present, the theme of the exhibition, the date and place will be key information for webusers. Our readers are hard to please and ’draft formats’ or ’ads’ are not wanted.

An optimized dynamic follow-up.

In addition to the classical Internet broadcasting, your event is broadcast in RSS and Ical digital formats. Webusers, media and professionals use those broadcasting formats, also available on Art-logic.info. Those formats synchronize events on touchpads, mobile phones, iCal diary application and RSS readers.

A wider broadcasting in the region.

Art-logic.info receives 4,000 to 6,000 webusers per day. The diary gets broadcast on several partners’ websites, search engines and repertories in Haute Savoie. Our partners’ websites receive between 800 to 20,000 webusers per day. So your event is guaranteed to have a wide broadcasting.

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